Kumho ECO Solus HM Kr22 Tires

High-Mileage All-Season Touring.


  • Specially designed tread pattern utilizes unique groove and block shapes
  • Four wide, circumferential grooves
  • High angle lateral grooves and multi-depth sipes
  • Kumho’s ETOPS and ESCOT technologies ensure precise calculation of the optimum casing shape and profile
  • Kumho’s proprietary noise simulation know-how
  • Formulated with rubber compounds that are free of High Aromatic Oils
  • Less rolling resistance
  • 100,000 Mile Limited Warranty


  • To improve stability for longer mileage
  • Give outstanding hydroplaning resistance without sacrificing wear, handling or dry performance
  • For increased wet and snow traction
  • Retain tread block rigidity for longer wear
  • Deliver a perfect combination of ride comfort and handling
  • Delivers exceptionally low noise operation
  • Reduces harmful effects on the environment
  • Delivers fuel economy, thus less strain on non-renewable resources


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