Goodyear Ultra Sprayer R-1 Tires

Agricultural Radial R-1 Rear Tractor Drive tire Designed Specifically for Sprayers to Reduce Ground Pressure. Will Handle Speeds up to 40 mph.


  • Features a wider lug and more lug bracing
  • Wide, flat lug design
  • Heavy-duty construction featuring a reinforced carcass
  • Increased Flexion (IF)/Very High Flexion (VF) technology - select items
  • Ultimate Flex Technology (UFT) - select items
  • Aero-Tie In multilayer bead construction on the Ultra Sprayer "IF"


  • For increased durability and wear, while maintaining optimum traction in both wet and dry field conditions
  • Improved ride quality and road wear
  • For increased bruise resistance and overall durability
  • Able to carry higher loads at the same inflation pressure as standard tires resulting in better flotation and reduced soil compaction
  • Ensures efficient power transfer and secure rim fit


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