Cooper Discoverer STT PRO Tires

All-Season All-Terrain Passenger Light Truck tire.


  • 3-2 inner tread ribs
  • Alternating shoulder lugs
  • Mud Slingers™ 2.0 offer deep, wide trenches with additional notches
  • Stone Armor™ Technology
  • Earth Diggers™ Technology
  • Armor Tek3® construction
  • Rock Climber Sidewall™ Technology
  • M+S Rated
  • Standard Limited Warranty


  • Unique hybrid 3-2 tread pattern reduces noise and increases stability
  • Enhance traction in mud and soft surfaces
  • Continuously clear thick mud from the tire
  • Protects the tire from damage caused by sharp rock and debris
  • With large shoulder scoops and lugs, digs deeper into mud, sand or dirt
  • Provides incredible tread and sidewall durability on tough terrain
  • “Climber cleats” and flex grooves that grip jagged rock and power through mud


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